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Y2mate is truly the best place to download Youtube to MP4 file. Works with 100s other sites, but also Youtube.

You can search Youtube from here, just type in something and system will help with popular search-tag suggestions.
Still no good? Then you'd need to copy video link on your own (usually from Share button menu), then submit via this form.
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Easy convert video from Youtube to MP4

If you ever want to download videos from Youtube, remember Y2mate. Here we will help you download Yt video in any available format, size and quality options. We work with more than just Youtube. Simply copy video URL and submit into the data entry form above. We will scan the page, find video and possibly ways to download this video, then return to you with the list of options. Select the one you prefer and go ahead, convert video and download as MP4 file.

How to download video from Youtube as MP4 file?

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Try our official web-app, it is simply this website wrapped in your favorite browser engine, so it looks and feels like a normat, native, as they say, app. In two-three words: no updates needed. It means that this app never needs to be updated, it also takes next to zero storage room on your device. Check it out, click below to install. Uninstall in 2 clicks as well, if you decide later.

Boomkark is a way to go

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This is a bookmark, if you like to use it - please, drag and drop this button to your browser's bookmarks section for the future. Because it has a little code inserted and stored in it. When bookmark is pressed, this code will take URL address of the page you are in, and send you and the URL to here to Y3mate, essentially skipping the universally disliked "link copy/paste" step.