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» And for the users with no time to search - try these Music Charts, up to 30 great songs, guaranteed. «

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It is extremely easy nowadays to have up-to-date hip and cool music collection on your smartphone or even on laptop to bring to a party.. All you gotta do is check out the Youtube music charts we have link right here above. Click that link, 20-30 most popular (for your area) music videos will load up. From there you just need to click on any of those videos (their graphic thumbnails) and give it just a few seconds. We will scan the video, and get back with a few download options, some of which will be audio formats, including MP3, the less known M4A, and others. If you do this a few times a week, you're guaranteed to have the hottest beats in your mobile, bring them to a house party, all friends will be super jealous.

How to get songs from Youtube as MP3 files?

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This is a bookmark that you need to drag and drop to your browser's bookmarks, because it has a little code inserted and stored in it. When bookmark is pressed, this code will take URL address of the page you are in, and send you and the URL to here to Y3mate, essentially skipping the despised "link copy/paste" step.